A new AI startup, launched with a trio of Fred Hutch vets, wants to give a ‘zoomed-in’ view of cancer cells

Ali Ansary, a trained physician, had realized by 2018 that cancers would no longer be treated just with traditional chemotherapy and radiations. Immunotherapy was becoming big, and yet there was no way for doctors to get a complete picture of how immune cells worked at the cellular level when used for cancer therapy, he says.

“How do we get to know more information about this system that is more than inflammatory markers?” he wondered.

Then, through a Seattle venture capital community, he met three Fred Hutch researchers in Greg Finak, Raphael Gottardo and Evan Green. After several conversations about the problems they saw in the space, Ozette Technologies was born the next year.

This Seattle-based startup wants to automate analysis of data collected from a single cell and do away with the traditional way of doing it manually, joining the cadre of AI biotechs jumping into the space recently. It…
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