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Amgen’s Leah Christl makes the case to keep the interchangeability designation for biosimilars

Amgen and its portfolio of 11 biosimilars is standing behind interchangeability, saying the designation should not be rescinded and that the FDA needs to retain its regulatory flexibilities. The position puts Amgen in opposition to […]

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Could COVID drug spawn super virus?

COVID-19 patients are often prescribed antiviral drugs that work by reducing the number of viral particles circulating in the body. One such drug, molnupiravir, tricks the virus into generating mutations, some of which are lethal […]

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Psomagen Puts Spatial Biology and Multiomics in Focus, first CRO to launch 10X Genomics Xenium™ in situ Analyzer services in North America

ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Multiomics CRO Psomagen is thrilled to announce the launch of Spatial Biology services for 10X Genomics Xenium. This platform is reshaping spatial biology, enabling researchers worldwide to analyze […]