Biotech Networks Launches Partnering Program and Announces 2024 US Scientific Speed Networking Event Tour Schedule

Biotech Networks Launches Partnering Program and Announces 2024 US Scientific Speed Networking Event Tour Schedule

Biotech Networks Will Reach All US Hubs in 2024 and Invites Life Science Companies to Partner and Grow Community

SAN DIEGO, November 1, 2023 – Biotech Networks, the leader in connecting life science professionals since 2008, is announcing their new partnering program along with their 2024 Scientific Speed Networking™ event schedule. Many biotech companies have successfully leveraged Biotech Networks’ advertising and events to promote their products and services over the organization’s 15-year history. Now, life science brands will be able to better support Biotech Networks’ 70K followers and subscribers through the new partnering program which will include priority access to sponsorship of events in 12 US cities.

Biotech Networks was founded by Mary Canady, PhD, she has helped more than 250 biotech companies grow through targeted utilization of integrated digital and traditional marketing strategies and tactics. The organization has built a highly engaged following through Dr. Canady’s guidance, and brands can reach and support Biotech Networks’ 70K followers through e-mail marketing, events, social media, webinars, and website advertising.

Biotech Networks’ followers are highly engaged because they benefit greatly from the news, jobs, and events that the organization provides. They learn about employment, business and scientific opportunities and connect with other professionals efficiently at Scientific Speed Networking events. Biotech Networks has hosted events in 6 of their 12 US hubs in 2023 and plans to have events in every region in 2024, see the schedule at While some events are being planned in conjunction with major life science conferences, others are in emerging hubs which don’t often see major events being planned. For each event, Biotech Networks engages in extensive outreach to invite and promote local scientific diversity and inclusion groups with the aim of promoting these organizations to help them regroup after the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of these organizations appear to have lost momentum because of the in-person event bans.

Based on requests from several companies to sponsor multiple events on the the Scientific Speed Networking US Tour, Biotech Networks is launching their yearly partnering program. The 3-tier partner program will allow companies that sign in 2023 to secure 2024 event sponsorships now, along with discounts and other benefits. The Scientific Speed Networking format limits the number of sponsorships for each event and integrates each sponsor’s products and services into the networking activities, facilitating connections that benefit sponsors and attendees alike.

“We are pleased to offer life science companies the ability to elevate their brands and promote their products and services through our new partnering program,” said Mary Canady, PhD, Biotech Networks President. “We welcome leading biotech organizations to partner with us as we build the community across the US in our 2024 Scientific Speed Networking Tour.”

To learn more about becoming a Biotech Networks partner, visit and keep in mind that unused end of year marketing funds may be used to secure an annual partnership that will extend until the end of 2024.


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