Mary’s (Good) Personal News & 2024-2025 Event Format Updates

An “average” beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest waiting for a ferry.

Many who follow Biotech Networks know that I, Mary Canady, lead the organization with the help with some very adept consultants. You may also know that Biotech Networks started in San Diego 16 years ago, where I live(d). I’ve decided to move to Seattle, Washington, a long time dream of mine and also to be closer to family. I’m looking forward to connecting with colleagues old and new in Seattle, feel free to reach out if you’d like to meet.

What does this mean for Biotech Networks? Of course the news, jobs, and advertising resources we provide are mostly virtual and will remain unchanged. My personal move also coincides with some changes we will make to the event format.

While you may know us for our Scientific Speed Networking, our “old timers” in San Diego remember that we spent many years organizing speakers and panels focused on innovative biotech companies and trends. Our existing event platform includes the major topics we used to feature and that we find attendees are interested in, as Scientific Speed Networking topics. These interest areas are Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Genomics, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Clinical Research/Trials, Artificial Intelligence, and Career Development.

As we all continue to embrace the post-pandemic normal, we think that the path forward for Biotech Networks events is to, when possible, marry the content-focused events we organized previously with our highly popular Scientific Speed Networking format. We’d start each event with an optional content seminar, panel or symposia followed by the networking. An example schedule is below and if you’re ready to sponsor or organize an event with this new format fill out the form below:

New Content-Focused Event Format:

5:00 p.m. (or earlier, depending on format)-6:00 p.m.: Speaker(s), panel or symposium focused on our Scientific Speed Networking topics (listed above), supported by 1 or more sponsors
6:00-9:00 p.m.: Scientific Speed Networking with emphasis on chosen topic (perhaps breakout networking on subsets in that topic) and likely including the other major topics listed above

Based on our existing 2024 schedule, here are some ideas for how the events could flesh out:

Tentative/Open to Review 2024 Schedule:

Event DateLocationConference or RegionPre-Event Content Ideas (send us yours!)
Premium/Standard Sponsorship Cost
7/17/2024San FranciscoSan Francisco Hub(Too soon to change)$1975
8/2024Washington, DC or Philadelphia
DC Maryland Virginia Hub, Pennsylvania/NY/NJ Hub
Drug Discovery: gene and cell therapy
Clinical Research/Trials: Regulatory focus
8/2024 or TBDSeattle, WAArtificial Intelligence, Cancer Research
9/24/2024BostonBoston Biotech WeekDrug Development, Career/Personal Development$4475/$1975
10/2024Los AngelesLA Biotech WeekMedical Devices or Synthetic Biology (Food/Blue tech)
10/2024ChicagoSociety for NeuroscienceDrug Discovery: Psychedelics$3475/$1475
11/2024 TBDDenverASHG FallGenomics/Diagnostics$3475/$1475
12/2024San DiegoAntibody EngineeringDrug Development: Antibody-Drug Conjugates, Career/Personal Development$4475/$1975

These ideas are open to your suggestions and will be driven by companies that want to sponsor and/or entities that want to do the “heavy lifting” of organizing and finding financial support. This new format is your chance to promote the topic you’re passionate about and help others to connect and help it to succeed, fill out the form below to get started.