Biotech Networks is the leading resource for life science news and jobs for biotechnology professionals across the United States. Since 2008, we have aggregated information for scientists and have developed our proprietary Life Science Content Engine™ data aggregator to provide real time updates to our followers on our websites and social media, with trending news delivered via email weekly through our Newsletter and Biotech Networks Briefs. Read about our extensive reach on our media kit, and learn about how your organization can reach the BN community with your news, product/services launches, and events. Click here to publish your news with Biotech Networks.

Featured News

Biotech Networks shares 50 to 100 news releases per day across our 12 hubs’ websites and social meadia, which receive 7,500 daily impressions. Only a select few news articles will be included on each hub’s trending news page and in our weekly emails. Organizations can ensure that their news release is read by decision makers in many biotech sectors and regions by selecting our Featured News item, which includes:

  • Front page top listing of news release for one week
  • Full article repost, or excerpt published on chosen BN website(s), 1000 word maximum with one image
  • Sent in weekly and monthly emails to 45K subscribers
  • Social media highlight/pinning of post for 2 business days
  • Choose any, all or a combination of BN hubs to post item (pricing will be additive per hub, discounts may be applied)

See current pricing on our media kit and in the form below.

Press Release Distribution

Biotech Networks can also distribute your press release through PR Newswire as an add on to our Featured News service. This will ensure that your release is picked up broadly by news organizations and will provide you with a link to your release from a reputable news organization to share.

Writing/PR Consulting

BN can help your organization develop a public relations campaign which will meet your business objectives. BN has helped more than 250 life science companies improve their positioning and meet revenue goals through targeted communication and campaigns. BN can provide PhD-level writing services and strategic guidance on timing and cadence of communications, based on decades of experience. We can also leverage our extensive media network to find earned media or native advertising opportunities for your news and content.

News/Intelligence Feeds

Biotech Networks’ Life Science Content Engine data aggregator fuels our organization, and the technology can be leveraged by yours to get daily or weekly business and competitive intelligence. We’ll work with you to learn your needs and customize a feed that saves you time and gives you an edge against your competition.

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